We accept Credit Card payment & Western Union! Your credit card will be billed immediately after purchase. After purchase you will receive an email notification with all payment details. The contract is closed between customer and shop as soon as the order is submitted. We recommend to print out the transaction data and the Terms and Conditions and to keep them at an easily accessible place.

Credit Card Payment Service: In order to pay directly with your Credit Card you should choose this option in the checkout. We accept the following credit cards directly with our Merchant account: Visa, Mastercard. Some buyers have trouble with direct credit card payment, maybe their card will get declined or another technical problem will occur, if this happens to you we strongly suggest you go back and choose the payment option of for your order.

Pay by Western Union: Western Union transfer is preferred. It is very fast (only takes about 5-10 minutes). If you are new, you can go to official website or your local western union agent, and then do the western union payment.

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