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canada goose outlet I purchased this jacket for my husband as he goes on ice fishing trips. I got it in his favorite color, red and I think it looks great on him. I believe it’s worth the price as it can be used for years. It not only looks great but keeps him warmer than anything else I have ever bought.
Obviously the best arctic weather coat you can buy. They run big so do your homework on sizing. But it’s the warmest coat you’ll ever find. The expense is worth it. They deserve their reputation.

Canada Goose
Canada Goose

canada goose black friday Just received it, but it looks and feels great! Took the online advice of ordering a size smaller … I’m usually an XL but I ordered a Large … good decision. Had it on for 2 minutes in the house before I started feeling too hot, so this will definitely do the job… I feel like I’m ready for an Arctic expedition!
I work as a doorman for The Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg. We were given these parkas as our new winter dress code. Within my first shift of having this jacket, I fell in love with it! The quality is top notch. It does not rip or tear when you hook onto objects and is made of excellent exterior materials. Currently, as I am writing this it is -42C in Winnipeg at the corner of Portage and main. I have never been cold wearing this jacket and doubt I ever will be. The interior of the jacket is also excellent. The appearance gets great compliments and I get guests asking me everyday where to buy such a parka. Canada goose is a great company and you will not be disappointed with this parka. I love it so much that I will be buying my own within the next month. For sure worth the Price!

canada goose clearance Probably after the snow Mantra( even warmer)and the Heli-parka( next warmest and best looking). This, in my opinion, is the best winter coat made. I wear it in temperatures from-20 to + 35. It’s the best purchase. I ever made. I Bought mine in the sand color and the compliments have not stopped coming. The sand is also much more slimming than the black or navy which everyone owns. I have the broad shoulder so the XXL fits me perfectly despite my reading that it runs large( maybe 1/2 size but I like room. Great coat. One should last a lifetime.

I got this for my husband. It kept him warm through hours of outdoor activities in her cold weather. Great pockets and functional design. Not for weather over 30 degrees.

For all you tree huggers, coyotes are a nuisance animal, they destroy property and kill your beloved dogs and cats. So when your Mr. fluffy goes missing and you wonder why, then you got your answer.

canada goose factory sale  Fantastic parka for people who get cold easily or live in/travel to genuinely cold regions. Beautifully crafted and a timeless classic, albeit a bit pricey…for me nevertheless worth every penny

canada goose jackets on sale First, I had to deal with the Coyote collar. I removed it immediately but still have the guilt of contributing to the death of animals. On the other hand, I first got this when I went to Northern Vermont during a very very cold winter around zero daytime and below at night. My test was to take a walk and lay in the snow. For the first time in my life, I was warm in the coldest of winters. Was it worth the money? Darned right.

The only negative is the hood which is a bit too tight around the neck when fully deployed. Buy a size smaller than expected

canada goose outlet I live in Chicago and winters get pretty cold. Living right by the lake there is always lots of wind and when I walk my dog out I need a coat that will keep me nice and warm. This coat is absolutely amazing. Having owned a Woolrich Arctic Parka for 7 years I never thought I could get a better quality jacket but this is just that. The insulation is insane; 625 down fill is pretty much like wearing a comforter all over your body. The outer shell is waterproof and is built great. All the pockets are super easy to access and very functional. Some people might be put off by the price but this is the type of parka you don’t buy for one year; this will easily last you 6 years. Depending on how classic you want it you have a great selection of colors. I personally went with the red color and it just pops out.

canada goose outlet nyc Only thing I need to mention is the size. For some reason, the sizes tend to be a little bit. I originally bought a medium because according to the size chart on the Canada Goose website I was a medium. After returning it I bought a small and its perfect. I’m 5’9″ and about 180pounds so I would really suggest trying to find a store to try it on. I believe Nordstrom carries them in stock

canada goose outlet uk My friend has this coat and I must say it is total overkill (warmth wise) for where 90% of people live. Here in Chicago, this coat might be warranted one or two weeks a year, otherwise, it’s just too warm. I much prefer layering. Also, this coat is either on or it’s off – how many times have u gone into a coffee shop or store that is cold and warrants keeping a layer on but not a – 40-degree jacket!? You would look ridiculous. Another thing to consider is how comfortable would u be leaving a 1000$ jacket unattended on say a chair while u use the bathroom? In Chicago, I would be concerned and thus this jacket just becomes another thing to have to think about. Head, hands, and feet always get cold first; I’d rather invest in a good pair of insulated boots and leave this coat to Penguin researchers and people who have a lot of money and would only wear this coat the one or two weeks the weather warrants it and not because they’re having to justify the price spent on it.

canada goose outlet ca This jacket is huge even in extra small holy lol. I’m 5’6, 150 pounds.
I’m either gonna have to get an extra small or a citadel parka instead.
the zipper is kinda hard to do up.

I love this jacket! Plenty of pockets, well made and VERY warm! Glad I but I think it should be at a $550-$600 price point.
Had a terrible smell about it, awful.
Badly stitched in places.
Most of the reviews are by people who have received a discount or they work for the company, I’ve only found out about this very recently.
Be very careful who you believe. This is a superstar of a purchase. Please, I’ve got to start off by saying GET this item warm and Very stylish. Super fast delivery. I’m looking to purchase the hat that matches the color if the jacket. Again thx Canada Goose for such a gr8 item well put together and love the Aurora green.

canada goose outlet store  Purchased the jacket but not from Amazon. I returned it back to the retailer when I found out they trap coyotes and skin them alive to make the hood. The jacket is also badly stitched and makes an annoying swooshing sound when you move! I ended up getting a Columbian jacket! Better quality and materials.
Coyotes — intelligent wild dogs — are caught in leg traps and experience extreme suffering in order to make these coats. Why on Earth would anyone buy one? Especially pet owners who know how dogs experience feelings and would not want to see their own pet suffer in that way. It’s awful, and not a necessary thing to happen with the technology we have today. Please consider doing web research on the trapping of coyotes to make Canada Goose products, before deciding to buy.
canada goose sale mens Great coat! Glad to have got it on sale! My little brother loves this coat so much and already wanted to wear it every day. He can’t wait for winter to come! Very warm and comfy!
Warm, good-looking jacket. If it had a drawstring for the waist, it would have been just perfect. My skinny 8-year-old son tends to get some cold air slip up from the bottom of the jacket. Not really a big deal though.
This Canada Goose Youth Logan Parka is an amazing coat of unsurpassed quality and comfort. I was attracted to
Canada-Goose because of its mission statement which describes their business practices regarding the ethical treatment of animals.
This coat kept my daughter warm during the arctic blast that hit NYC this winter as well as on her class trip to Chicago where temps got down to minus sixteen.
canada goose sale womens Sizing runs big. I’m a very athletic 6ft and 210lbs, 46 chests, 17.5in arms….a medium fits me fine, even with sweater or flannel shirt. Not that one is needed. This thing is warm! I hope this helps…I would not have tried on the medium except for an insistent salesman…he did his job!

Canada Goose Women’s Camp Hooded Jacket
Basecamp (20D nylon)| DWR coating
36 gm Peridem 20 D 100% nylon ripstop treated with DWR
750 fill power Hutterite white duck down
Windproof with brushed tricot in the neck liner
Dry clean only
Canada latest edition to our lightweight down collection incorporates a hood for added protection but a water-resistant shell with Hutterite down insulation.

sale canada goose  I checked the site and don’t see a photo showing how to pack it but this coat is so lightweight and resilient, you can fold it, roll it, just about anyway that works for you and it will bounce back like a charm. Lightweight but warm; wonderful coat. Most definitely! I adore this coat. I bought it in white and black. I take it to Germany and England in the winter and it keeps me plenty warm.
My only desire with this coat is that the hood was detachable. It packs nicely too. I guess it depends on where you live and spend the winter months. I live in Charlotte, NC where our weather is not severely cold. I am fairly small and very cold natured so it is perfect for me. If you live in conditions where the weather is much harsher you may need to go with one of the other coats. I don’t think you can go wrong with Canada Goose. If you choose this coat a nice warm sweater or Smart Wool undergarment could be the perfect combination to keep you warm. Very lightweight and warm, too.
Not bulky like other Canada Goose jackets.
The slim design is flattering.
Just the right length to cover the hips

I really like this jacket! it’s very comfortable and fits well, I am 5’4”, 135llb, the medium is a good fit with room for a sweater. I cannot say if it is warm for freezing temperatures, but it’s a really cozy jacket for California evenings (~45F). Probably overkill, but it doesn’t feel too hot in 50-60F either.
The one thing I would change is the hood. I wish it were removable.

sale canada goose  I was looking for a replacement for a NorthFace I’ve had about 5 years. It’s still in really good shape, but being female, I just wanted a new color. Looked at NF and Patagonia which were light to the point of being flimsy. Then I came across Canada Goose! This jacket is just what I was looking for. While it’s lightweight, it isn’t flimsy feeling and warm, warm. Love the fitted cuffs, the two-way zipper, a great hood and all the pockets. I spend a lot of time out in cold weather, not just running from the car to the mall and this is perfect for me. Worth every penny. I got the white and it is so crisp looking with the jeans and black leggings that I live in during the winter.

canada goose sale womens The seller shipped it from China. Arrive 1 month after purchase. This coat cannot be an authentic Canada Goose down but rather a poorly made replica or knock-off of the original. It has shed feathers all over my clothes, anywhere I sit, the floor etc. you can see feathers popping through the cloth inside and outside this garment. Not Recommended.

Compared to the shorter version of this jacket (camp hoody), this style has a roomier fit which allows for layering. Loved the feel of the material and that it gives warmth without making me look like a marshmallow. I had trouble with the zipper, getting it started. Perhaps after some use it will become smoother.

canada goose sale mens One of the best coats I ever bought. Worth every penny, Not only does it keep me warm It’s cute too.
The small size did not look very flattering on me (34C, 27-inch waist). I probably should have gotten the x-small, but I just returned.
was quite tight across the bust area. nice jacket but doesn’t seem worth the cost. Went for a north face urban jacket for less than half the price and much more flattering on.
Love this coat. So cozy, lightweight and super warm. Only one thing would make it better. A detachable hood. Still, I give it 5 stars! Love it
so much that I have it in Black and White! Can’t wait until next fall to wear them again!

canada goose outlet store  Love this! Got it in black. I like that it’s a little longer and covers the rear. It’s not bulky and its lightweight but warm. Definitely my favorite. I also have a vest in the same brand. Very high quality and worth the $$$.
This jacket is a nice change from other “puffy” jackets as it is thin but warm. For frequent travelers who use pillows, this jacket tucks into its own labeled “pillow pocket” to become a soft, cushy pillow. I also love the brown color as most places only sold black, red and white. This is an expensive purchase but it is something you won’t see many people wearing, and it folds up so compact you can keep it in the car for those just in case moments or for napping 🙂
warm coat hood cold winter zipper medium jacket wind fur sweater Chicago wearing owned face thin stylish weather warmth


canada goose outlet ca I don’t think this coat is as warm as people say. It’s very loose in the waist and wide at the bottom and air goes right up. It’s also heavy, very bulky and the Velcro fasteners catch on everything. It’s ruined several sweaters and scarves. Also, the tag on the inside back pulls my sweaters. I think people spend a lot of money on this coat and don’t want to admit it’s not that good. I would not recommend.

I bought this parka from a 3rd party site called backcountry on Amazon and tested this jacket on the first day in a New York snowstorm with temperatures ranging from the teens the to high twenties and I could not be more impressed with this jacket.

Upon receiving this jacket, I was at first skeptical about the high price point since I have never owned a Canada Goose product before and would be shifting from the proven Arcteryx brand.

canada goose outlet uk Needless to say, the jacket has kept me warm and I only wore a polo underneath during the snowstorm which basically solidifies this purchase on a good note.

canada goose outlet nyc The Jacket fits just right as I ordered a black/small with my frame being 5’7/145lbs and there seems to be room for layering depending on how loose or tight you adjust the concealed waistcoats on the lower-midsection of the jacket. The two hand pockets located on the upper chest section of the jacket have a wool-like feel on the inside so if you accidentally misplace your gloves you don’t have to worry about your hands getting cold. The length of the jacket goes all the way down to the mid-thigh section so it will protect you effectively from that part all the way up to your head. The jacket comes with removable fur which is zippered into the hood and can be taken off but overall the jacket looks better with it. The YKK zippers are situated on the left side of the jacket and there are two of them. The trick to using these zippers is to push down on the top one until the right (zipper-less) side of the jacket goes through both zippers and then to pull up using the top zipper. Overall, I think this was a solid purchase and only time will tell about the durability of this parka but so far so good.

Canada Goose is an investment in warmth and quality. On average, they cost twice as much as many other popular down parkas. Are they worth it?

canada goose outlet I got the opportunity to test two Canada Goose parkas for my geographical location’s climate. Both are typical Canada Goose quality: strongly stitched, very warm, high quality down and zippers, and a hood that is second to none.
Today, I had the opportunity to test the Langford in -14F weather.
It was terrific.
I did the test wearing only a t-shirt and walking the dog at a brisk walk. This is not a power walk, but it is not a leisurely stroll, either. It is a good place for both the dog and my health. I also wore the CG gloves.
I was wonderfully comfortable.
In the Canada Goose Expedition, I found that even while in just a t-shirt, I had to constantly adjust the zipper and take off the hood, in order to reduce the temperature. Even with this, I broke a sweat which, in this dangerous temperature, is not a good idea. When I got home, I changed my wet t-shirt.
Not so, at the same temperature with the Langford. The Langford is just as long as the Expedition but has the slimmer cut, and less volume of down. Comfortable at -14F briskly walking in just a t-shirt, I should be comfortable standing, or leisurely walking, in all the normal winter temperatures of my daily climate. It is expected to be 22 degrees F during the day in winter, and about Zero or single digits, on average, at night. The Expedition, while wonderful quality, is overkill.
canada goose jackets on sale I have come to agree with Canada Goose’s TEI measurements of what parka is best. The Langford is Level 4. We tried Level 3 last year, but the arms were too cold.
Level Five is for constant arctic temperatures when someone is standing around. If I had to stand around in constant below zero temperature, the Expedition would be perfect. In Maine, a temperature that approach -20 F is only a few days each season.
Level Four is more suited for New England winters. I think this may be the same for Chicago and midwest winters.
If your geographical location is routinely above 32F, the Langford may be too warm and you may need to consider Level 3 at the CG website.
The hood’s use of coyote fur is specifically designed to protect against wind and it warms the wind as it hits the face, protecting the wearer from frostbite. I have found this claim to be true. Faux fur cannot accomplish this. The hood can be worn partially on, which helps regulate body temperature.
canada goose factory sale  Also, using the CG website design under “fraud”, don’t buy at eBay. At any given time, 75% or more of them have fake holograms in their photos. Some use “stock” photos from CG website. You will see “Canada Goose TM” where it should read “Canada Goose R” and the design of the maple leaves lacks precision.
On the -14F walk, with breezy winds, the “Real Feel” was -24 F. I was comfortable in the Langford, only a t-shirt, CG down gloves, jeans and Baffin boots without socks. I purchased $15 replacement insoles from Ugg, and put them in my Baffins and did not even need socks. I did the same thing with my hiking boots. (I love Ugg slippers and each year I treat myself to a sole replacement. The slippers get a lot of mileage but for just $15, it is like getting new slippers, as I treat the leather regularly and keep them clean.)

canada goose clearance Fake CG can be hazardous to your health as China factory managers do anything and everything they can to cut costs. Rather than quality down, you may get dirty chicken feathers, with feces, and become ill. The cost of the CG is very high, but it is an investment and CG gives a lifetime warranty for good reason: they stand behind their “Made in Canada” product.

Note that wearing a wool sweater beneath the Langford may be too much warmth. You can always unzip partially to regulate your body temperature. Avoid excessive sweating in extreme cold.

The warmth, strength of stitching, fabric, fur hood and the warranty all make the Canada Goose parka an investment in warmth and quality that should last for many years.

canada goose black friday From CG website: “Made illegally in factories in Asia,” Canada Goose says, ” the fake jackets are found on many rogue websites as well as in the flea markets of Shanghai, Beijing, and Bangkok. Counterfeiting is illegal. It often funds organized crime and counterfeit factories in regions where labor standards are lax often employ child labor. Counterfeiting is not only illegal but also dangerous. After analyzing the content of counterfeit jackets, we know that instead of the sanitized, Canadian down used by Canada Goose, counterfeiters often use feather mulch or other fillers. These materials are often coated in bacteria, fungus or mildew, posing significant health risks to unsuspecting consumers. As well, raccoon, dog or other unknown animal hair may be used in place of our functional coyote fur ruff. Even more frightening is that for a person in cold climate, an authentic Canada Goose parka could mean the difference between life and death. Without real down and fur, the chance of frostbite or freezing becomes a real possibility.”

canada goose outlet Update: Today was below Zero F, but the “Real Feel” with the gusty winds was -31F and I was comfortable walking the dog. I had the hood up, which kept my face warm. Beneath it, just a t-shirt and no hat.

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sale canada goose  This exceptional coat could not have performed better. It is so perfectly designed, ergonomic to the body, the Snood hood with Coyote trim protects the face and head in the icy cold wind or driving snow, and the entire coat keeps you uniformly warm in 0-degree weather. It was certainly an expensive investment, yet worth every single penny. It’s also part of the uniform of the tragically hip in NYC and Williamsburg, BKLYN…I won’t need another Winter coat for many years if ever, and I am going to purchase their gloves as well.

Outstanding jacket. 5’10 160 lbs here, medium fits very well. Very stylish and comfortable. Whats unique is it protects the nose and mouth as well since the hood run deep and the zipper runs high. The hood is fully zipped ( unlike other companies where they use studs which lets air in). This jacket is mid-thigh length for more leg protection. Be careful crossing streets because of the deep hood.
In summary, it’s totally worth the price: you
will not suffer even in extremely cold temps.
It’s pretty light and very warm. Best for say 25F and below. we are now in the Age of Design and this is designed like it was in the 1950s. Specifically, the design of the hood is poor; it’s like being in a tunnel with no vision to the side.

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canada goose outlet store I am 5’10, 170, broad shoulders and chest, after reading that the sizes can fit smug and have the shoulders and arms of someone taller than me, I went with the large after hearing some people say the medium could be snug. The coat fits great, though once it reaches the head, it’s a lot of collar and hood for someone my size, but still workable. I have worn it in below 0 weather here in Chicago and it was completely warm with a thin sweater underneath. Goes down to about 3 inches above my knee, so good coverage. hood with fur did its job during snowfall keeping the wind and snow out of my face. Highly recommend!

Thank you for the purchase! Canada Goose Langford Parka is excellent. For me the coat like a woman: beautiful, warm, soft and careful. I loved it at first sight.
As to size: my size is medium (I am 1,7m at 74 kg) but I had an opportunity to put the coat on at another place before the purchase. I found that for me the large size Langford parka was better than medium size one. In both cases, I was wearing the coat directly on a thin sweater but in the first case, it was possible to put a thick sweater on instead of the thin one also. It was a bit tight but acceptable.
I would like to say a few words about the hood. The Canada Goose Langford Parka hood has long edges and fur on and by this reason produces together with your breathing air so-called microclimate to protect your face against frost (the good experience of the northern nations !).
At last the parka production quality is very, very high.

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canada goose outlet nyc First of all, thank you very much for superfast free delivery. Got it in 2 days. The parka is amazing. Fits perfect… Love it.
The only thing I want to mention about is the BOX by the manufacturer which the parka was supposed to be in. So there was no box. Parka was in a plastic bag. The rest is perfect..thanks again.

Fantastic quality, the best down coat I’ve ever owned. Rather a slim fit, if you normally wear Large go for this (unlike e.g. Snow Mantra which even in Medium was still too big).
Longer cut makes it warmer but a bit more difficult to get into a car. Handwarmer pockets cannot be closed so should be used only as hand warmers.

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canada goose clearance I gave this to my husband as a present. He’s tall and slender (though wide through the shoulders) so its difficult to find clothes – especially coats — that don’t hang loosely on his frame. Admittedly it is a parka, however, this thing looks quite stylish on him. As for utility and warmth, it is fantastic. He said it is much, much warmer than his old down parka (which also had a fur-lined hood through a lower fill). In fact, he said he can’t feel the cold at all in this thing — and it was occasionally 35 F below this winter where we live. A word of caution with this parka and Canada Goose parkas generally — the down, liner and coat covering insulate the wearer not only from cold but also sound. So, if you wear your hood up, be careful when you cross the street!
I bought this parka to my boyfriend, I had some doubts of how does it fit him. He is wearing M-size. And all is perfect – sleeves, hood, everything. It was not cold enough yet to check it in real Russian winter, but it feels warm. Boyfriend likes it a lot)

This coat was waiting for me on my arrival in Chicago (from Europe) early February, with a mere 28°. I first had a problem with the zipper, but after a while got used to giving it a little tilt before pulling it close.
While struggling with the zipper for a couple of minutes (still inside the apartment), I realized how warm the coat was. So warm that I started sweating, so I carried the coat until near the door. Once outside in the cold wind, with the hood on, what a comfort, truly incredible. The next morning I decided to do without a sweater altogether, so I was wearing the parka directly on a shirt.
A word of warning regarding the size: I had read some reviews concerning other CG coats, warning that tall and thin men (I am 6’4″ at 140 lbs) would be OK with a medium size. This may be true for some CG coats, but as far as the Langford parka goes, the large size fits (me) perfectly.
Another warning from other reviews which I fully adhere to the warmth provided by this coat makes it uncomfortable above approx. 32°. Truly a winter coat!

Very warm but also not too hot when it’s not as cold.

I’m 5’9″, 150 pounds, 30″ waist and 36″ chest. I prefer slim fit clothing and xs fit perfectly. Sleeves are the right length and it’s comfortable enough to wear a sweater or a thin hoodie inside.

The fur on the hood of the Langford is removable which is nice as I prefer not having that. The zipper is a bit challenging to engage sometimes. If there’s a way to reliably get it to work every time I want to zip it up I haven’t figured it out yet. Either way, not a deal breaker.

This is actually my first ultra-heavy down coat, as I’ve always been anti the puffy Michelin-man look, preferring to layer thinner coats or sweaters. After being ultra cold a few times at the beginning of this winter, I decided to take the plunge with this coat.

It’s stylish, it fits very slimly (I wear a 38R jacket and the Medium fits slimly/comfortably with moderate layers underneath) and it’s INSANELY warm. While NY is rarely as cold as some of the areas that other reviews have come in from, I’m totally ecstatic about how toasty the coat is, and how nice it looks — I’m really looking forward to the depths of winter! Highly recommended.

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Everyone says how warm this jacket is and I’m confused because it’s just not the case. I recently bought one and it’s surprisingly not enough for New York City. I had one of those puffy Patagonia jackets and that totally worked – even when it’s 0 degrees F. However when it gets really cold here, I can feel the cold seep in through the shoulders and elbows. I was fully expecting to not have to wear layers with this jacket (as everyone talks about how scientists in Antarctica wear Canada Goose). However, I definitely need another layer, even when it’s 15 – 20 degrees F. I’m so disappointed because I spent $800 for it – I don’t mind paying that IF it’s an amazing, quality jacket. However, to pay $800 and to only be mediocre is totally absurd. If you pick up this jacket – notice how the down isn’t that thick.

I was thinking of trading it in for the expedition, but I hear that is absurdly hot – like you sweat when it’s 0 degrees F. So I don’t know what to do. I hate to say it but Canada Goose may just be hype. A 4/5 on their warmth scale is not enough in the northeast if you’re planning to not wear layers.

I know that Bain Capital bought them recently – I just hope that the quality is not going down b/c they’re starting to cut costs / reduce the down. They should be realizing their return from growing revenue, not reducing the quality of the jacket!

1st I must say that I received My coat Well ahead of schedule & from the moment I pulled the CG Trillium from the box, I knew it was Extremely Warm by the weight alone, I Love it & I already plan to buy The Montebello as well, I’m very impressed, I Love cold Winters, but I want 2 stay warm while enjoying’ng the cold…& CG coats definitely fit the bill…

P.S. 4 Any Naysayer that says That their Canada Goose coat purchased from, needs 2 do their homework on Authentic Canada Goose Coats B4 trying to slander, My Canada Goose Trillium coat is 100% Authentic….& I will definitely recommend to My friends

The zipper is very difficult to zipper. (And I don’t tend to have trouble with zippers.) By the time I get it zippered up, I am overheated! (It takes about 5 minutes.) Also, once zippered, if any stress is placed on it, it splits a little at the base. I am worried the zipper won’t last long, so I try to just keep it zippered and step in and out of the coat! This is unacceptable, in my opinion, for such an expensive coat. On the plus side, so far it has proved to be the warmest coat I’ve owned, but thus far I have only worn it in 20-degree weather, so a true test has not yet been made.

I rate this product 5 stars because it met and exceeded my expectations. First of all, it works for what it was designed – to keep the owner warm. And in addition, this parka proved to be suitable for a variety of weather conditions from calm sunny winter days to snow storms and chill winds. It’s equally good for just walking or skiing.

It allows controlling the air circulation thus maintaining heat balance depending on current needs. The hood can be adjusted to control how deep and tight it sits over and around the face. It’s light and does not restrict moves. Materials and fabrics are resistant to dirt and stains. Assembly is of high quality. Else, it provides the good look and can fit both younger and elder generation styles.

When selecting the size we were not exactly in the middle of the range. We were mostly in “S” and a little bit in “M”, but we decided “M” and it was right. We recommend same for others who are in doubt. The larger size does not affect appearance but ensures that sleeves are long enough and maintain arms covering at all times, even when hands are up.

I have never paid this much for a coat in my life, but I am not moving to a warmer climate anytime soon and last winter’s artic temps motivated me to buy this coat. I love it. The coat is fitted so I ended up returning my Small for a Medium. The zipper is a bit of a pain to line up, but honestly, that is the only negative thing I can say about this coat. It is gorgeous, impeccably made, and just incomparably warm. I hardly wear it in the car because I get too warm. If you are tired of bring cold, buy this coat. I hope to enjoy it for many years to justify the price.

Too bulky for an everyday parka. Also, my daughters thought the fur collar was too much for me. I’m 5’3″ so the jacket was overwhelming. I’m sure it’s great in the right climate, but even for Massachusetts, it was just too much jacket. (It looked very well made, but a little too fancy for my style.)

Warmest coat ever. Spent all winter in hockey rinks in snowy, frozen Boston. Toasty and stylish. Loved the fitted style and still could fit a sweater under it. Not a big fan of hoods in general and was able to zip it off entirely and wear a cute pom hat. I’m a huge fan of TNF but Canada goose is warmer.

The Good:
– very warm
– has a tie so you can pull the coat in to make a waist
– great sleeves with an extra lining

The Bad:
– tight on hips but wide on the shoulder
– stupid really high stiff collar: no fleece lining, just itchy outer layer fabric; too high (passed my mouth); made my chin and cheeks itchy and red from rubbing back and forth.

I had to return it because of the annoying collar. I tested it walking around the block, and by the time I got home, I had rashes on my cheeks and chin from the tight collar rubbing. There’s no way to turn it down unless you unzip the coat. Stupid design. Buy another style.

I am 5 ft 3 inches and 128 lbs with broad shoulders and the medium fit perfect. This is the best coat that I have ever bought. It is warm.. but not too bulky… the hood is ample and the fur is gorgeous… it should keep out all the wind and snow that falls in central New York. I can honestly say that I felt guilty paying this much money for a coat… well those feelings of guilt went away as soon as I put on this parka. The zipper is perfect… the sleeve length and body length is perfect. I am one happy camper. EXCEPT… I almost had a heart attack when I saw how this expensive beautiful coat was shipped… NO BOX.. only the plastic bag from the manufacturer and a plastic shipping bag from UPS. WHATS THE PROBLEM… THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLACED IN A BOX FOR PROTECTION.